Caution Please read to safely use THERMO GUARD

 Glass fiber products! 

Glass fiber may temporarily cause itching or pain on your skin, eyes, throat or nose passage.
For the work, wear the roomy clothes, protective gloves and glasses, and dust-protective mask.
After handling glass fiber products, wash your skin with a soap and warm water, and wash out your throat.
Put bits of tissue into a plastic bag or something after cutting to prevent its flying in the air.
Separate your cloths used for the work from other laundry when washing.
Ask a doctor when itching or pain continues.
Glass fiber cloth with aluminum should be used only for radiation-heat reflection. Do not directly stick on the heat source (keep more than 3 cm away form heat source ).

  • The products will deteriorate with aging. Periodical exchange (once a year for normal use) is recommended.

  • To ensure your safety, please work carefully and cautiously.

  • When handling the important parts like the brakes, it is recommended for you to leave it to the auto mechanics.



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