• It is generally said the bandage can clack the exhaust manifold?
    1. This is not true or false, but there is a reason.
      It does not occur due to the bandage but due to how to the bandage applied, or sometimes the structural problem of the exhaust manifold ( heat spot- prone@).The products (exhaust manifold) of the general makers are considered to be of no matter, but in rare cases, it seems that some products are likely to have heat spots because of its structural problem of the engine compartment.
      Please make sure not to apply the bandage severalfold. Usually up to double-fold. Be careful especially around the inside of a tight curve.
      Please note that it is inevitable to accelerate the aged deterioration by keeping the pipe at a high temperature.
  • It is said that applying the bandage can increase thesusceptibility to burn?
    1. It is not due to the bandage. Glass fiber itself is not flammable. However, for example, when oil leaks glass fiber could plays a role as a candlewick. So this can be solved by your everyday maintenance.
  • THERMO GUARD deteriorates because of high temperature?
    1. The highly pure white color of THERMO GUARD shows proof of it. Thanks to an increased purity of glass, the deterioration slows down, and the endurance goes up. The upper temperature limit is raised to as much as 800? ! This is why THERMO GUARD can keep its pure white color so long.
      In addition, because there is no need to use any adhesive agent for the products either before or after, no unnecessary elements get mixed in, which allows THERMO GUARD to keep its great condition.
  • Smoking immediately after completing the work does not matter?
    1. Do not worry.
      Glass fiber is nonflammable.
      This is because moisture, dirt or impurities on the surface are burning.



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