How to use THERMO GUARD ?

THERMO GUARD is a registered trademark of the KATSUKI WORKS.

How to use THERMO GUARD ?
Air cleaner box
Big joy comes here. Use the 1000AD. The 22000W covers a wide range of car types from NISSAN MARCH and TOYOTA VITZ to the 2000cc-class cars.

Remove the air cleaner box and totally clean any oil stains with a cleaner. Then cut the 1000AD to fit the area (starting from the widest area). It is OK to cut it a little bit bigger or smaller for the target area, but do not remove the sticker on the back when cutting.

Stick it on the target area. After that, the chance comes for the 85AD. The 85AD helps to mask unsightly places that are stuck. Now?s the time to show your stuff !!

  • NOTE:
      If the air inlet for the air cleaner box is inside of the engine compartment, the effectiveness may be reduced. For this, we recommend to take some measures to intake fresh air as possible as you can. Additional sticking to the suction pipe increases the efficiency. The 1000AD -21000W will be the best, although it depends on a type of your car.
  • Battery
    Also you will be happy with its use on the battery.

    The 1000AD (450AD)-21000W is the best. Stick the item overall the body except the level gauge.

    The 85AD is helpful here again.
    Rear bumper
    The 1000AD(45AD)-2250W or 2500W is the best.

    Stick it around the opening of the muffler.

    For the turbo-engine cars, the 1000AD is recommended.
    Reserve tanks
    Because the reserve tanks for the brake, clutch, and power steering fluids are usually bare form in the engine compartment, THERMO GUARD is necessary. The 450AD(1000AD)-45W is recommended.

    After cutting, stick it to fit around the body. Be careful of the inside fluid running out when removing the tank for the work. It can be solved by filling up the tank again. However, if it bothers you, it is OK to stick it as possible as you can just as the tank is there.

    Using the 85AD is another good choice.
    Lines (the break, clutch, gear, etc)
    The 1000AD(450AD)-30W(45W) is recommended. Wrap the item around each line.

    Using the stainless wire is a good idea to ensure the adhesion.
    Other places
    For the inlet manifold, center tunnel(outside and inside), and the backside of the light-type hood.

    THERMO GUARD will also be useful against water damage after removing the inner fender.
    Exhaust manifold
    To increase the feeling of the drive, apply THERMO GUARD to the catalytic device too. About 10m of the item will be enough, although it depends on a type of your car.

    Make sure to remove the exhaust manifold before starting the work.

    First, soak THERMO GUARD in water for 30 minutes (It is possible to skip this process). After soaking it enough, apply it to the target place closely and evenly to make the surface seamless.

    950-50 (1 inch) is recommended for the place with tight curves. It is good to use 950-50 (2 inches) at the same time.

    For the places that are likely to get slack, use the stainless wire and to back up. Smoking immediately after completing your job is acceptable since moisture or dirt on the surface burns. No problem.
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