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¥ What is THERMO GUARD ? ¥
THERMO GUARD is a heat insulation glass fiber fabric. It is tightly woven fabric made by melting non-acrylic glass at a high temperature of 800Ž, then continuously winding it with a high-speed machine and piling it at a constant thickness.

As an additional option, the fabric can be coated with aluminum. It is nonflammable and superior to asbestos in heat insulation and heat resistance. Also, its tensile strength is severalfold higher than asbestos.

¥ Features ¥
Nonflammable, smokeless, non-combustion gas
Excellent heat and fire resistance
Same effects as asbestos with only half the thickness
Excellent dimensional stability (elongation rate of 3-4%, elastic recovery rate of 100%), extremely high tensile strength and elasticity.
Excellent electrical isolation

¥ Application ¥
As a cover against burning out, for heat insulation, increasing heat efficacy (it will result in energy-saving) and protecting you from burn injury.

Covering the places that require reflection of heat radiation with THERMO GUARD CLOTH can minimize the effect of heat. Also directly covering the places generating heat with THERMO GUARD BANDAGE can reduce heat radiation and increase the internal temperature of the pipes, which results in an increased flow rate of exhaust gas.

¥ Superiority ¥

    Our aluminum THERMO GUARD (THERMO GUARD CLOTH) uses original adhesive processing techniques that produce constant adhesion more than ever before, which makes it easier to work with. Various types of sizes are available for use everywhere in your automobile.
    Moreover, it has excellent flexibility, which allows it to attach to difficult places. The bandage type, THERMO GUARD BANDAGE, has the same advantages as the CLOTH. The BANDAGE also features less fuzz. It is nonflammable and smoke-free. Adhesive agents are not required. All troublesome procedures for working are minimized as much as possible.

    THERMO GUARD CLOTH and BANDAGE are totally unmixed and pure white in color.

  • ¥ Our Policy ¥
    We aim at reducing heat generation from its sources and enhancing a great feeling of drive by speeding exhaust gas inside the pipe, with the heat used most effectively.
    We do not need to chase up mere temperature limits for heat resistance, because it is impossible for the car engine (also the turbo engine) or exhaust pipe to generate such a high temperature of 800Ž during the normal driving. Such a high temperature would first lead to damaging the engine or pipes themselves.

    So we do not care about it except for the special occasion, like a bench testing.
    Of course, we think the bright vision of aluminum in the engine compartment as a part of the tuning process.

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